Technical Information – Posters

Dimensions of poster:
Width: 100 cm /42”
Height: 130 cm/52” (if longer it becomes difficult to view).

Poster language: English
Heading: should include the title of the paper, authors, institutions and location of institutions.
Heading Letters should be at least 35 mm high.
Lettering for text and illustrations: should be at least 10 mm high. Letters should be bold enough to enable viewers to read the poster from a distance of 2 meters (6 feet). 
Recommended Structure: Background, Aim, Methods, Results, and Conclusions.



Tacks and technical equipment for the hanging of posters will be available on-site. 


Set-up and removal of posters: 

Sunday: Poster session I    (20:30-22:30)      Set-up: from 10:30          Removal: at the end of the session (22:30 )

Monday: Poster session II   (11:30-14:00)      Set-up: from 08:30          Removal: by the end of the last session on that day (17:45) 

Tuesday: Poster session III  (11:15-13:45)     Set-up: from 08:30          Removal: by the end of the session at 13:45 
Tuesday: Poster session IV  (20:30-22:30)     Set-up: from 17:30         Removal: Wednesday, by the end of the last session (12:15)